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About Us

Cankash Immigration Consulting Firm

About us

Introduction to Cankash Company

  • Cankash Company is a branch of the Canadian company "The Cross Border Consulting Network”. Cankash was established in 1995 by              Mr. Mahmoud Mahmoudi in Tehran and Toronto with the purpose of providing effective and efficient legal services to the applicants eager to immigrate through investment and being a cosmopolitan citizen.

  • In today's world many people seeking higher life standards and more family safety, safe economic activities, better education and the ease of traveling with no restrictions, are interested in obtaining a second passport and being a world citizen.

  • The management of Cankash Company relying on its 30 years of experience, knowledge and expertise, is able to provide the applicants with the best services to immigrate to any of the countries within our fields of expertise.  Each country meets your immigration needs such as residency, citizenship and obtaining a passport through different ways and costs. 

  • Cankash Company enjoying professional and committed workforce and client-oriented approaches, attempts to satisfy its clients by providing a comprehensive range of immigration and services, including legal, consulting, accounting, education, research, translation, and so on.

  • Mr. Mahmoud Mahmoudi the founder and executive of Cankash Company immigrated to Canada in 1980 and following his higher education in immigration law, he commenced his activities in government immigration office in Toronto in 1985. Having achieved essential knowledge and experience, he returned to Iran and since then he has been offering  services to immigration applicants.


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