Malta Permanent Residency

Malta Permanent Residency

Residency by Investment in Malta is obtained under L.N. 288 of 2015 as amended recently by L.N. 189 of 2017. The Malta Residence and Visa Program Regulations provide for well-off individuals of flawless position and status to receive Maltese residence based on investing in Maltese Government Bonds.

MALTA Residency & Visa Program

Malta is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean, at an aquatic crossroad where the last vestiges of eastern Mediterranean subculture blends completely into the west. Although the Idea of an island might shine an outlandish light on Malta, this small piece of land in the heart of the Mediterranean used to be passage and haven for many races and historical figures alike. Arabs, Africans, Romans, Normans,  and Phoenicians all have, at some point in history, resided in Malta. Crusader Knights of Saint John are among those who had chosen Malta for their residence. They ruled Malta for over 250 years and founded Valletta, Malta's capital. This city still holds the Knights' legacy in its fascinating architecture which never ceases to amaze whoever who visits this open air museum. The rich history and mix of cultures is an undeniable part of Malta and one of its many charms. Because even though it is a European and English-speaking country, Malta is a canonical symbol of everything that this amazing amalgamation of different history and culture  has to offer. 

From the view of politics, Malta enjoys a steady political atmosphere and bi-partisan political vista, which is extremely dependent on national and economic affairs. During the economic crisis, the only two states which retained their economic growth in the Euro Zone were Malta and Germany. Malta joined the EU in 2004 and is part of the Schengen Area since 2007. Under this residency program, applicants will be able to travel freely within the Schengen Area. Furthermore, they can stay in Malta forever. The obtained EU Residency card is renewed every 5 years. 

Legal basis 

Residency by Investment in Malta is obtained under L.N. 288 of 2015 as amended recently by L.N. 189 of 2017. The Malta Residence and Visa Program Regulations provide for well-off individuals of flawless position and status to receive Maltese residence based on investing in Maltese Government Bonds.

Taxation of new residents

Domicile and residence are two key factors for taxation under the Maltese tax system. Residence for Malta tax purposes is established if you demonstrate an inclination to stay in Malta forever and may be able to reside under tax purposes scheme. Plus, applicants can reach the goal of reaching residency in case they stay in Malta for at least 183 days.

Maltese tax residents who are not dwelling in Malta are supposed to pay their tax based on a remittance. These types of residents are taxable on a remittance basis only on foreign-source income (not foreign-source capital) deposited to Malta and only to the extent deposited. Income and capital gains arising in Malta are always taxable in Malta at the applicable personal income tax rates.

Capital gains and savings achieved outside Malta enjoy tax exemption.

Benefits of Malta residency

-Permanent Residency in 3 months        

-Family Members Included          

-No physical Presence Required   

-No Worldwide Tax. Remittance basis only

-Certificate of Permanent Residency forever. Visa Free Travel within Schengen

-Schengen Residence Card


The following conditions deem the applicant eligible to apply for Malta's residency by investment program

The required age range for Investment program in Malta is being at least 18. The main applicant’s the spouse or partner in a long-lasting relationship, children, parents and grandparents, under certain conditions may accompany him/her too.

Exact tests

With regards to The Government of Malta’s highest standard of due carefulness, only reputable applicants can proceed for acquiring Maltese residency. A clean criminal record, verified with the International Criminal Court, INTERPOL and other authorities is a must.

Good health condition

Applicants must prove they are in perfect health condition in order to avoid dire consequences on the Maltese health system.


This signifies that the applicant must have an annual income of not less than €100,000 arising outside Malta or a capital of not less than €500,000 in his/her possession.

Outline of Malta's Permanent Residency Program

all the steps explained below should be taken by an eligible applicant in order to obtain Malta's Permanent Residency Card

Purchasing or renting property

The applicant should either:

-Investing at least €320,000 (Malta) or €270,000 (Gozo / South of Malta) in property.


-Entering a property rental contract for at least €12,000 (Malta) or €10,000 (Gozo / South of Malta) p.a, for a period of 5 years.

Contribution to the government of Malta

Malta Residency by Investment requires the main applicant to pay a €30,000 contribution to the Maltese authorities which is to be paid in two installments. €5,500 on application stage as the first installment and the remaining €24,500 on approval of the application plus an additional €5,000 application fee for each dependent parent/grandparent included in the application.

Investment bonds / shares 

In case of due approval, applicants may invest at least €250,000 in Government approved bonds / shares for a period of 5 years.

Eligibility requirements

-€5,500 of a non-refundable Application Fee:
-Contribution: € 24,500 on Approval
-Government Bonds: € 250,000
-Home Purchase min. € 270,000 / Rent min. €10,000
-Means Test: Annual Income €100,000 / Capital €500,000

Timeline of Malta residency

2-3 weeks
Preparation time
• Preparing application file & supporting documents
3 months
Processing time
• Confirmation of Formal Validity of Application File
• Due to Meticulous Process
3 months
Fulfillment time
• Purchasing or renting Property
• Investing €250K in Gov. Bonds
• Settling the Contribution
• Purchasing Health Insurance

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