cankash, as the oldest company for obtaining residency and citizenship through investment in Iran and with more than 30 years of experience, considers its mission to provide accurate, honest and professional advice to customers so that investors can in the first place, the best possible and appropriate method. Choose with your terms. In the next step, cankash will be a careful and compassionate companion for you to follow up on your residency or citizenship case until the final success, taking advantage of the strongest professional relationships, lawyers working and a team of cankash specialists.

Exploration customers are always considered a member of the inquiry family and know that they can safely go to the inquiry to get honest information.

Also, by presenting its newsletter, cankash has tried for many years to be a reliable and accurate source for reflecting the news of the investment world and the options for obtaining residency and citizenship in Persian so that people can refer to it to receive the latest news and information in this industry.

Our values

Honesty is our greatest asset in exploration. Exploration company is never willing to provide untrue information to people to attract customers. We try to share all the positive and negative aspects of each choice with the customer so that our customer can make open-minded decisions about his capital and future and that of his family.

The confidentiality of individuals’ information is another principle and value of research that has been carefully pursued over the past decades. All documents, information and identities of cankash customers are completely secure with cankash and are never shared even with the closest family members of the customers.

cankash believes in providing very professional services and for all cases, professional and related lawyers are hired in the destination country. While the whole research team is very professional, experienced and experienced.

Our customers

Clients who use exploration services are usually investors, doctors, businessmen, professionals, etc. who intend to make a secure investment abroad, obtain residence and second citizenship that requires a long-term physical presence. In this way, while continuing to live and work in their country of residence, they can enjoy the benefits of having a second residence, such as freedom of travel, ease of trade, creating a better educational and career future for their children, and so on.

 Comments of some customers who have used the services of cankash Immigration Company


Dominica passport

I am a producer and seller of clothing and sports equipment, as well as an importer of tennis equipment, mountaineering, etc.
I have never been interested in migrating from my country, but because of the type of job I have, traveling and having the opportunity to travel to European and Asian countries are my mainstays. So I set out to find a way to travel freely. In the meantime, and ironically, on one of my trips in the air magazine, I met cankash Company. After initial talks with the company’s consultants, and considering the circumstances I mentioned, they suggested ways such as buying a Dominica passport. With this passport in hand, I can travel to more than 100 countries, including the Schengen area, without a visa, which, of course, was paid $ 100,000 per passport to the Dominican government. The whole process to get the passport, of course, took less than 3 months after completing the documents in the survey, and this was exactly what I needed. I appreciate cankash for helping me solve my problem and doing it easily and cheaply. Investment – Residence in Hungary

ش.ص; In 1995, I signed a contract with cankash to obtain a residence permit in Hungary. After a few months, I received a residence card for myself and my family. I am very satisfied with the services of cankash Company and I offer cooperation with this company to those who need help in the field of immigration. The colleagues of cankash Company were with us from the beginning until the final result, ie receiving the card, and all the steps of the residence process were easily completed with the help of cankash Company.

Granada passport

N.S; In the world of international trade, freedom of movement has always been a valuable asset. The slow process of obtaining visas from different countries, especially European countries and the Schengen area in recent years, has caused many problems in my business transactions, so I looked for a way to solve this problem, I came across the website of the research group, which introduced me to the idea Obtained dual citizenship / second passport from Granada. After a detailed and comprehensive consultation and consultation with Ms. Kianoosh, I decided to invest and obtain Granada citizenship, which happily had a painless and short-term process, and with the constant and compassionate guidance of the research team, I was able to obtain a Granada passport within 8 months. Find and no longer have the hassle of getting a visa to travel to my destination countries.


Cyprus passport

a. sh; As far back as I can remember, living in Europe during my retirement has always been one of my ideals. With years of effort during my employment, I decided to achieve this ideal with my savings. I got acquainted with the Cyprus citizenship program through the cankash website, and after much research, I found out that cankash has very professional and well-known colleagues in Cyprus. After a face-to-face meeting with Ms. Kianoosh, her colleagues in Cyprus called me and They introduced me to many properties and projects that made the selection process very easy for me, and I was able to purchase the property I was looking for in a short period of time and obtain a Cypriot passport for myself and my family members. My two children are currently studying engineering in Germany, and I live in Paris myself, spending my retirement years in the beating heart of European culture and art, as I always dreamed.


Investment – Residence in Portugal

h.a; In order to get closer to my child, who is a student in Europe, I decided to settle in a European country. Among the various plans, the Portuguese residency program seemed the most interesting to me, having been in the real estate market for years, because of the type of investment that is buying property. During the property purchase, the research team was able to prepare a list of properties that met my requirements and make the property purchase process much easier and faster for me, and I was able to obtain a residence permit in Portugal in the shortest possible time. Get rid of my child’s sadness. Many thanks to the team of research colleagues for their repeated guidance and follow-up, and it was a refreshing experience for me.


Granada passport

Low; In the beginning of 1996, I went to the cankash office to get a Granada passport for myself and my wife, who love to travel. Was. During the face-to-face consultation session, all the investment options in this lovely island were explained to us by one of the research consultants so that we can choose the best option depending on our tastes and facilities. Special thanks to the children in the case file for the hard work they put into collecting my and my wife’s file, as we encountered problems while collecting documents that we could not have received all the documents on time without their thorough and patient guidance. Collect and provide to them.


Granada passport

h.a; A professional and efficient team, economical in practice and behavior. Informed consulting department, hard-working and good-natured file department, and smart and punctual site management. To all my compatriots who intend to immigrate, I would definitely recommend that they benefit from the services of exploration.


Investment – Residence in Hungary

a.p; After a lot of inquiry and research through an acquaintance, I became a member of the Telegram channel of cankash Group. After observing the accuracy and meticulousness of this team in selecting news and updating site information, I became interested in consulting this group to make investment decisions. And to use immigration, these counseling sessions led to obtaining permanent residence in Hungary through investment and also led to the establishment of a lasting friendship between me and Mr. Mahmoudi, CEO of cankash. During the residency process, the research team took responsibility for my case, which I am very busy with, with serious and professional behavior, and patiently provided all the necessary guidance to me and my family members at various stages.

Investment – Residence in Canada

I have been asked to share my experience with cankash Company for inclusion on the company’s website.
All in all, I got to know this company and Mr. Mahmoudi in 1997 through a friend who already knew him. I have been producing polycarbonate sheets, thermoplastics, etc. in Iran. The company’s products at that time had to be sold outside of Iran, and the need to travel to other countries, especially the United States and Canada, had become one. Due to the urgency of the case, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Company – a free trade agreement between Canada, the United States and Mexico to register a branch in Canada and personally held the text of the law in 2001 with Mr. George Rassam Karmand The business section of the Canadian embassy in Tehran raised the issue. The result was first a meeting between Mr. Rassam and his colleagues at the factory to get acquainted with the products, and finally his agreement to register a company branch in Toronto and issue business visas to all family members and three key employees of the company. After we arrived in Canada, Mr. Mahmoudi helped us with sales meetings in Toronto because of his familiarity with the Canadian business world. After the first year of work, the application for permanent residence and immigration had to be taken, which was also taken into consideration. The most important condition for applying for investment migration was to prove managerial records and how to acquire property from the first rial to the day of the interview. The Immigration Office needed to know how involved I was as a manager, managing manager, financial, marketing, key decision makers, etc., which cankash completed in the best way possible. As a result, the most important thing I can suggest to you is to work only with experienced and professional people and companies in all fields. Mr. Mahmoudi is one of the most experienced in recognizing the world of jobs, residence and immigration.

Investment – Residence in Canada

In 1988, we emigrated. After the necessary research on companies and lawyers in this field and face-to-face interviews with several immigration companies, we chose to research for several reasons and we are satisfied with our choice. Of course, at first, like one of my friends, I wanted to personally migrate through a skilled worker, but after talking to Mr. Mahmoudi, I realized that this action did not have a positive result (due to the incompatibility of the field of study with the work experience).

1. The contents of cankash site are the experience of cankash company colleagues and there is no exaggeration, persuasion or seduction, and of course the long-term experience of the company in this field is unmatched in Iran (reading the site attracted me and of course the experiences of customers).

2. In the initial interview (unlike partner companies) we were told that if we are not sure of acceptance with a percentage higher than 90% of the case will not be accepted and incidentally in one of the meetings I witnessed the insistence of one of the clients and the company’s response It was interesting to me that your case will probably not be accepted and our company will not be able to help you in this case.

3. Your case with cankash Company is really followed with commitment, responsibility, seriousness and obsession, and you are sure that they will do more than necessary.

However, I hope that if you are planning to immigrate, be sure to have a meeting with the consultants of cankash Company before making a decision, a better offer may be waiting for you and it will be a great help in making a decision.

 EB5 Investment – America

My husband and I have a medical clinic. We have been thinking about immigration for almost 6 years, but we did not have a specific destination between Canada and the United States because we have no close ties in these two countries. Given the different circumstances and our own morale, America seemed a more appropriate and relatively difficult option, so we needed someone or persons who could guide us in the best way possible given America’s difficult circumstances. In the case of investment immigration or EB5, given that a large amount has to be paid, the option of trust is very important. We have come to realize more and more that the selection of experienced and experienced people along this relatively long journey is essential.
We met Mr. Mahmoudi in 1997 at a friend’s house and we knew that he has an immigration office and specializes in immigration to Canada and the United States. After our research, considering the satisfaction of previous customers and the brilliant history of their group in this regard and the knowledge we had of ourselves and their personality, in the fall of 2014, we signed a contract with his group to immigrate to the United States and apply for an EB5 visa. Since then, with the tips that they did for us to form the case in the best and strongest possible way, and the continuous follow-up that they had in this way. The colleagues of cankash Company were always by our side with a suitable schedule that they collected at each stage to collect the required documents and by introducing projects that had the lowest possible risk for failure and the highest chance to reach the final goal. They were. From completing the forms and the resume required for the immigration office to completing the required documents and following up on the submission confirmation to getting the file number of the file, they always tried with patience and seriousness. In this way, at our suggestion, since we do not live in Tehran, they always represented the best for their bachelor’s degree, translation of documents or sending money.
Thanks to Mr. Mahmoudi, the management of cankash Company and their capable staff, I hope they will always be successful. Thanks again to Ms. Azar Mehr and Mr. Mahmoudi
March 2016

Investment – Residence in Canada

Hello Q. Entesarnia I am the owner of a construction company in Tehran. In 2010, I decided to immigrate to Canada through an investment with my family. After inquiring and visiting different companies, I finally met with the CEO during a meeting with a CEO who had met cankash about 12 years ago. I left the responsibility of the case to him and his extensive and experienced team. It is worth mentioning that the founder of the company, Dr. Mahmoudi, both through personal interviews and through the reading of his books, tried to acquaint us with Canada, and the concerns that we had about immigration were relatively significant. They sided.

In my opinion, the research team is very professional, because when you enter the field of immigration, you are unaware of many issues, and it is better to use the experiences and guidance of specialized companies in this field in this process.

Accounting and auditing of assets is one of the mainstays of Canadian records, which the team with meticulous experience worked very carefully and the file was formed so accurately that during the interview at the Canadian Immigration Office, the officer could not find the slightest Object to the file. Thank you very much to the professional research team for accompanying us on this path.

E2 Investment – US

As the CEO of an almost reputable and successful company in Iran, I was thinking of a second country, given the difficulties I had at the time. In this regard, the first steps, of course, to get a deeper understanding of several countries and the way and method of obtaining residency or immigration by searching and researching the Internet, through friends and relatives who have traveled this route and also referring to some I followed up with law firms. First I decided to immigrate to Canada, so I read one of the books of the research company “Canada Land of Nationalities” more seriously. I also went to the company again for advice and shared my purpose with the research consultant, but they raised the issue of the dismissal of the Canadian embassy staff in Damascus and the possibility of its closure, and due to the uncertainty of the embassy situation and stray cases in Syria. They did not have this file. Mr. Mahmoudi, the director of the company, also portrayed the sensitivity of the issue and the whole picture of the future situation of Canadian cases quite clearly and logically. Based on their knowledge of my needs, he proposed investment, entrepreneurship, and several other U.S. immigration programs, such as the Eb5-E2-H1.

The co-workers of cankash honestly helped me a lot in the decision-making process, including which group is closer to my position and more logical. It should be noted that the colleagues of this company in New York also completed the entire process of renting the workplace, implementing the justification plan, controlling other contracts and all the necessary materials for the success of the case in a very professional manner.

I am sure that it was because of your team’s skill, knowledge and experience in providing management documents that my case did not encounter any problems with immigration and was successful. It is noteworthy that, unlike some of my friends who have also invested and are still waiting for their visas from Canada, it has been 3 years since I arrived in the United States. I am glad that I handed over my case to the research team and its lawyers. I am confident that for whatever reason my case in the United States will encounter any problems, the American lawyer of the company will help me. Now that I am well acquainted with business in the United States, we will safely invest in the EB5 method to convert our temporary residence into a permanent green card with the help of the research team.


Investment – Residence in Canada


s . d. From professors of Iranian universities. After the decision to immigrate to Canada, I knew that a lawyer had a key role to play in this, so I started contacting immigration companies and interviewed several companies in person, examining their circumstances, information, and professionalism. Finally, I chose Kankash Company because they consciously and patiently examine all the needs of immigrants. He spoke to people who had immigrated to Canada through the company, and they were very satisfied with the exploration services. After several months of investigation and curiosity, Kankash Company finally started migrating with me and my family.

The process of filing and sending it to Canada took several months, and during this time I witnessed that my research colleagues had completed my case with tact. Finally the time for the interview came and the company managed to get my Canadian visa. I went to Montreal for an interview. I called the case lawyer in Montreal and he had several interviews with me to prepare me for the main interview. On the day of the interview, the officer, who asked very carefully questions, could not object to the case, and it was there that I just realized that filing a case for the Canadian Immigration Office and interviewing the officer was very difficult and professional, and what the effect of having an experienced lawyer Has a record of success. I received the CSQ a week after the interview and am now looking forward to immigrating to Canada.


Investment – US EB5

Ms. N-Mirzabeigi; In order to obtain my permanent residence visa in the United States, I used the services of a researcher due to the positive opinions and advice of my acquaintances, and in response to all my questions and issues that were unclear to me, I received clear, quick and practical answers. Also, before the interview, during a few sessions of the training class, we practiced all the contents and samples of the interview questions and their answers with Mr. Mahmoudi, even in the last minutes of the night before the interview in Dubai. I participated in the interview without stress and I succeeded. The company’s employees are also very friendly, accurate and experienced.
I am currently in Los Angeles and I would definitely recommend using the services of cankash Company to all my friends.

Investment – Provincial Canada

Mr. Ebrahimi; The preparation sessions for the Canadian interview were great and gave me a lot of confidence, the sessions were quite similar to the interview with the immigration officer. Kankash has a very good reputation during the years he has worked in Iran, and he deserves it completely. Every month, through the company’s newsletters, I am informed about new issues related to immigration and immigrants, which have helped me and my family a lot during the immigration process.

Investment – Residence in Canada

Mr. Boyer; During the migration process, the members of Kankash Company helped me a lot and were ready to answer and help me whenever I called the company. I was not very sure of my success, but the company’s consultants used the provincial investment and entrepreneurship law to check my special financial situation and future plans, which from the beginning and at that time provincial entrepreneurship was a very reliable method for me that made me successful. . It should be noted that, unlike most applicants, I offered the research through the province and not an investment of $ 120,000. The offer resulted in arriving in Canada two years earlier with unique job opportunities in Vancouver. Thank you to everyone and everything.

  Investment – Residence in Hungary

Ms. N – Tabatabai; My family and I have been researching for a long time to get admissions for our children from high schools and universities in countries near and far from the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, as well as from Canadian, American and Australian universities in countries such as Cyprus and Dubai. We paid Armenia and Belarus and so on. Each seemed to have problems. For example, the United States and Canada were great, but for three students it cost about $ 1,000,000 for five years. We did not like the society and atmosphere of Cyprus and Dubai, the education system of other countries was a problem for me and my wife. In the meantime, Kankash Company was introduced by one of our colleagues who was aware of our problem. The lady who was interviewing us was informed of our motivation with a few targeted questions and said goodbye to us with a few questions. At subsequent meetings we decided to pay € 300,000 to the Hungarian government and return it after 5 years for a quick stay and finally to obtain European citizenship. Residence and registration of our children was done for 3 months. We are happy that we refused to accept the offer of this company and chose a more useful way that was compatible with our situation. Hungary’s proximity to Iran, English-speaking universities with relatively lower tuition fees compared to other European countries, receiving a European passport after 5 years, a guarantee of return on investment by the Hungarian government, free travel of the whole family to the Schengen area and. .. We obtained.
In one sentence, I can introduce the research team, both in Tehran and in Budapest, as good, meticulous, accurate listeners, economists and experts in solving the problems of their clients. I recommend Kankash Company to all people who believe in expertise because I am an expert myself.

Investment – Provincial Canada

Mr. P.anari; As a Businessman, during the initial visits, which I did only to get acquainted with the company and its services, I witnessed order in the physical and electronic classification of existing files, as well as the use of specialized research software. This, as well as the fact that Mr. Mahmoudi, the director of the company in North America, has thirty years of experience and a long history of providing services, especially to commercial immigrants, became the reason for my trust in the company. The most effective way to advertise is for their team to be professional.