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Alberta’s Canadian Start-Up Program

The Province of Alberta in Canada has introduced a new program to attract educated people who have graduated outside Canada and wish to obtain Permanent Residency in Canada through start-ups. The program is introduced as the Foreign Graduate Start-Up Visa Stream (FGSVS) and operates in partnership with the Alberta Provincial Nominee Program (AINP) and two Alberta-approved institutions.

In the Alberta Canadian Start-Up Program, applicants must work with one of these two institutions to have their business plan reviewed. Important business plan factors include:

– Ability to demonstrate the need or demand of the market

– Potential to enter the market successfully in the short to medium term

– Attracting customers

– Business Development


– Key partnerships and financial plans to fund the development and operation of start-ups.

After this step, a written report of business plan assessment is presented.

The applicant can then submit the report along with his/her application.

What do institutions approved by alberta’s Canadian start-up program do?

– Support for marketing of Canadian start-up program Alberta

– Determining applicants’ readiness for entrepreneurship and the likelihood of start-up success by examining the business idea and supporting business plan development

– Choosing between applicants for the Alberta Provincial Nominee Program (AINP)

Connecting applicants with useful networks and providing guidance and advice for starting a business in Alberta at the same time as the process of receiving a business performance agreement (BPA)

Requirements for alberta’s Canadian Start-Up Program:

To qualify for the Alberta Province Canadian Start-Up Program, candidates must meet the following criteria:

Work Experience
At least 6 months of full-time work experience that can be a combination of managing or owning a business.
Obtaining a degree from one of the universities outside Canada in the past 2 years
Qualifications must be equated with Canadian qualifications.
Business Plan
A business plan with projected financial plans.
A 10-minute presentation (slide only) that showcases the proposed business activity and focuses on the investor’s demands.
Language certificate
IELTS certificate with a score of 6 for all skiles
Shares of the Company
If a business is located in a downtown area, you must own at least 34 percent of the property, but if it is in an area outside of Calgary and Edmonton Metropolitan Area, you must own at least 51 percent.
The mandatory minimum investment is $100,000 for a downtown business and $50,000 in areas outside calgary and Edmonton Metropolitan Area.
Recommendation Letter
You should have a letter of recommendation from an agency designated by the AINP.
Necessary costs
Volunteers must show that they have the funds they need to start their own business and fund their living expenses.

Once the AINP has received your business application, the assessment will be based on the qualification criteria and your EOI points will be verified.

Evaluation competency criteria:

If the proposed business does not have a significant economic benefit for Alberta, your business application may be rejected.

In AINP’s view, the proposed business should have the potential to create economic benefit for Alberta. The proposed business to qualify in the FGSVS program must be aligned with the following requirements:

– The purpose of the proposed business should be to make profits from active or earned income, not passive income, through the sale of goods or the provision of services.

– The proposed business must be applicable in accordance with any federal, provincial or municipal legal and regulatory requirements.

– The proposed business must comply with the requirements of trade in Alberta.

– Business Plan or presentation must show that the proposed business is connected to one of the following sectors: technology, aerospace, financial services, energy, agriculture, tourism, life sciences and pharmacy.

– The proposed business must have a physical location in Alberta.

– For franchisees, ownership conditions and other program criteria are the same as other businesses.

Once you have received the name, you should consider a few issues:

You must apply for permanent residency within 6 months. AINP may renew your anonymity.

You must submit your work progress report to the AINP 6 months after the name. You will have 2 weeks to submit this report.

You should inform the AINP and the federal government about any changes to your personal circumstances.

As long as your application for permanent residency is ongoing, you must maintain your status in terms of living and working in Alberta.

For free advice and more information about alberta’s Canadian visa start-up program, please contact Kankash Consulting.

After a 5-year trial period, the Canadian government permanently permanently obtained a Canadian start-up visa program in 2018. That means Canada is willing to accept as many creative and entrepreneurial applicants as possible in business initiatives to immigrate to Canada, sparking a stream of innovation and creativity in canada’s business climate.

These types of businesses can’t get out of the usual businesses like creating a restaurant, managing a franchise and … And there must be an element of creativity and innovation in them that either didn’t exist or existed before, but this business expands and improves it.

Any creative plan can be reviewed, so applicants can expand their plans and ideas with the help of experts to complete enough and ultimately prepare a business plan that will be welcomed by Canadian government-approved companies.

So this Canadian Immigration Program, unlike most immigration and residency programs by investment, is not the case that you only invest a sum and wait for you to get a residence permit, but in addition to having capital (in theory, certain capital is not designated by the government but practically without financial backing, the probability of success is not high) you should have a plan and business plan for a creative business.

The business plan or business plan offered for the Canadian Start-Up Visa Program must have the following features:

– Be creative.

– Create jobs for Canadians.

– Can be raised globally.

The main part of the process of obtaining Permanent Residency of Canada through a start-up visa

The first step is for a person to start a business in Canada with the following features:

– Each immigration applicant has at least 10% of the company’s shares (assuming that more than one person is supposed to apply for a plan).

– The share of applicants for permanent residency from the established company is a total of more than 50% (shares that have the right to vote).

– The applicant for permanent residency plays an essential role in the management of the company and the business in Canada.

– The company and business in Canada to be registered as a Incorporation joint stock company.

The next step, and of course, the most important step, is for the business to be supported by an organization approved by the Canadian Immigration Service. Canadian Immigration approved agencies are divided into three main groups, and depending on which group you work with, the expectations of the Migration Agency vary.

The first group of these organizations (and the hardest group to work with) is called Venture Capital. This category includes large Canadian financial organizations. If any of these organisations are willing to invest at least $200,000 in the applicant’s (or applicants’) plan, then the plan can be introduced to the Migration Agency.

The organizations approved by the Migration Agency in venture capital group include the following organizations:

BDC Venture Capital

Celtic House Venture Partners

Extreme Venture Partners LLP

Golden Venture Partners Fund, LP

Impression Ventures

Information Venture Partners Management Inc.

Innovation Platform Capital International LP

iNovia Capital Inc.

Lumira Capital

Nova Scotia Innovation Corporation (o/a Innovacorp)

OMERS Ventures Management Inc.

Pangaea Ventures Ltd.

PRIVEQ Capital Funds

Real Ventures

Relay Ventures

ScaleUp Venture Partners, Inc.

Top Renergy Inc.

Vanedge Capital Limited Partnership

Version One Ventures

Westcap Management Ltd.

Yaletown Venture Partners Inc.

The second group of these organizations, which are a little easier to work with, are called Angel Investor. Members of these organizations must be willing to invest at least 75,000 Canadian dollars in   the applicant’s plan. Currently, the following organizations fall into this group:

Canadian International Angel Investors

Golden Triangle Angel Network

Oak Mason Investments Inc.

Southeastern Ontario Angel Network

Southwestern Ontario Angel Group

TenX Angel Investors Inc.

VANTEC Angel Network Inc.

York Angel Investors Inc.

The third group of these organizations is called Business Incubators Incubators. These organizations review the new plans and, if approved by them, agree to provide them with informational and educational support, etc. and help them grow. Unlike the previous two groups, incubator organizations will not only invest in the applicant’s plan, but they may also receive significant amounts to accept the applicant’s plan. These amounts are spent on services such as participating in specific training courses, contributing to the company’s financial planning, helping the company’s marketing and advertising, etc. Will. The required documents and expectations of the incubators will depend on the type of incubator organization and business plan conditions provided by the applicant. Currently, the list of incubators approved by the Migration Agency is as follows.

Alacrity Foundation

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

  • Agrivalue Processing Business Incubator

  • Food Processing Development Centre

Biomedical Commercialization Canada Inc. (operating as Manitoba Technology Accelerator)

Calgary Technologies Inc.


Creative Destruction Lab

Empowered Startups Ltd.

Extreme Innovations

Genesis Centre

Highline BETA Inc.


Interactive Niagara Media Cluster o/a Innovate Niagara

Invest Ottawa

Knowledge Park o/a Planet Hatch

Launch Academy

LaunchPad PEI Inc.

NEXT Canada

Real Investment Fund III L.P. o/a FounderFuel

Ryerson Futures Inc.

Spark Commercialization and Innovation Centre

Spring Activator

The DMZ at Ryerson University

TSRV Canada Inc. (operating as Techstars Canada)

Waterloo Accelerator Centre

York Entrepreneurship Development Institute

You cannot apply for a Canadian start-up visa without receiving a confirmation letter from one of the above organizations. As a result, the most important and time-consuming part of this method is receiving a confirmation letter from one of the above organizations.

The process of obtaining Permanent Residency in Canada by start-up method

– Prepare and submit a business plan (business plan) that meets special requirements (above the text described) and is likely to be approved by one of the canadian Immigration Services approved   agencies.

– Determine the partners of the scheme (whether the applicant is an immigrant or those who will be partners in Canada).

– Presenting the business plan (business plan) to one of the mentioned organizations that leads to the signing of the bilateral agreement and receiving approval from one of them.

– Filling out immigration forms and submitting the necessary documents to the Migration Agency in order to obtain permanent residency.

– Accepting the application by the Immigration Office after accepting the desired plan, conducting medical tests and checking the applicant’s background and then issuing a visa to enter Canada

Language requirements and financial resources required for this program

Immigration applicants must demonstrate that their language level is at least equivalent to CLB 5 by participating in tests approved by the Migration Agency. To prove this, they must take part in at least one of the following tests according to the table below and at least their score is equivalent to the figures presented in these tables.

SpeakingListenReadWriteTest Name General IELTS General IELTS General
5555CELPIP-G Test
226181151226TEF Spit

The applicant must present the result of one of the above 3 tests when submitting the documents to the Migration Agency and have brought the minimum scores you see above in each subgroup.

In this way, the applicant must show that he/she has at least the amounts in his bank account that will cover his/her living expenses within one year. Of course, except for those who offer such an unparalleled plan that they can easily attract financial support from organizations, in most cases applicants must pay all the costs of creating a business and even before that, the costs of training courses of these organizations, and as a result, this action is usually only possible for creative people with innovative businesses who also have a good fortune. have (at least about $500,000 is needed) to cover the costs of acting and establishing a business.

Obtaining a work permit visa in Canada before issuing permanent residency

Applicants can enter Canada on a work permit visa even before their residency is issued and begin their plan. The following requirements are required to obtain a work visa.

– File at the Immigration Canada and pay for it

– His intention is to live anywhere in Canada except Quebec

– On behalf of one of the organizations above, they have received letter of support approval letter and signed a contract with that organization.

– Have as much money in your bank account as a year of living for yourself and your family in Canada.

If the applicant’s work visa is approved, his/her spouse will also be granted a work visa and his or her children can also attend and study in Canada. The applicant has the right to work on his/her project with this work visa, but his/her spouse can work for any employer (although there will usually be a geographical restriction for the spouse).

For free consultation and more information on   Canadian start-up   visas, please contact Kankash Consulting.

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