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An Introduction to the Commonwealth of Dominica

The Commonwealth of Dominica is a beautiful and picturesque island that is located in the Eastern Caribbean. This small nation is also known as “The Nature Island of the Caribbean” due to its everlasting colorful beauty and incredible sceneries. Dominica’s heavenly beaches and its warm pleasant climate attract many tourists and investors.

The Commonwealth of Dominica offers a very successful citizenship-by-investment program. Once the investors become a citizen of Dominica, they can enjoy numerous life and career opportunities that are offered to them and their families. The program provides applicants with two options. The minimum requirement is only USD 100,000  for one applicant, which makes it one of the most affordable programs that offer citizenship in the entire world.

The United Nations estimates the population of Dominica to be around 72,000 people. Dominica is ranked 10 on the list of countries with the least population. The small population is attributed to the large number of citizens immigrating to other nations and islands.

The official language spoken in Dominica is English. Since English is widely used and spoken in the world, interested applicants for obtaining citizenship in Dominica need not worry about a language barrier. The most practiced religion in Dominica is Christianity. It is estimated that more than 90% of Dominicans are Christians who mostly practice Protestantism and Roman Catholicism. Nevertheless, the country celebrates religious freedom and protects its religious minorities.

Situated in the southwest of the country is Roseau, the capital of the Commonwealth of Dominica, which is the largest city on the island. Around one-fifth of the island’s citizens reside in Roseau. The capital is also considered the country’s most significant port for trade and foreign affairs. It is the Dominican political center and where a few Dominican universities are located.

The official currency of the Commonwealth of Dominica is the East Caribean Dollar. Each US dollar is an equivalent of ECD 2.70. Other currencies such as the Euro and Dollar are also accepted and used in the country.

The main industries in Dominica are known to be tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing. Dominica welcomes around 200,000 tourists yearly. The country exports bananas and coffee in addition to other types of fruits and vegetables.

Dominica is blessed with magnificent nature. There are numerous forests, national parks, waterfalls, mountains, and mud ponds across the island. Moreover, the breathtaking nature is home to different types of animals and sea creatures.

On 3 November 1987, the Commonwealth of Dominica became a republic by declaring independence from the United Kingdom. This day is celebrated as Independence Day annually by Dominicans.

Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Unit (The CBIU)

In 1993, the government of the Commonwealth of Dominica introduced a plan called ‘The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program.’ The program became a great success for the country and is now known as one of the longest-lasting economic citizenship schemes in the world. The CBIU or The Citizenship by Investment Unit essentially refers to the government-authorized team that is responsible for the administration of the program. The agents of the team oversee and work with the applicant every step of the way. Their responsibilities include helping potential investors with the process of their applications and seeking suitable investment opportunities for them.

The Dominican government highly values its Citizenship by investment program and acknowledges its vital role in the economic growth of the country. For more than two decades, this economic citizenship scheme has strengthened Dominica’s private sectors by bringing international assets into the country and helping the economy thrive in different aspects.

How to apply for the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program

Applying for the Citizenship by Investment Program requires taking 5 steps which will be explained in the following:

  • The first step an applicant is required to take is to choose an authorized agent. These agents are officially trained and licensed by the citizenship by Investment Unit. Your authorized agent is responsible for guiding you through your application process and has the jurisdiction to act on your behalf. The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit only accepts applications that come through their authorized agents and one cannot submit any applications directly.
  • The second step is contacting your authorized agent to have a conversation about your options and the preparation of the essential documents that are required by the Citizenship by Investment Unit. At this stage, going through a medical examination and completing all official forms are required. You may also need to provide additional documents if your CBI agent asks for them. The submitted material should be in English and the documents should be notarized and legalized in order to prove valid.
  • The third step of the process is dedicated to background checks. The applicant and their application should be thoroughly studied and verified until a due diligence background check report can be issued. Once the document is ready and the due diligence background check is passed and verified, the CBI unit can recommend the application to the government. Once the application is processed, the government will contact you through your agent to let you know about the status of the application you have submitted. The three possible outcomes that can be reported to you are: 1) a successful application (aka “approval in principle”), 2) a delayed application for future processing, or 3) a rejected application. It is common for countries with citizenship by investment programs to ask for obligatory interviews, however, Dominica does not require one, unless in cases where the government asks for them.
  • The fourth and final step is the payment and certification stage. After going through the early stages, if the submitted application proves valid and is approved, the CBIU will issue the applicant a letter to inform them about the next steps. The applicant will have to make payments to purchase their real estate property or contribute to the Economic Diversification Fund. After the proofs of payment are confirmed, the applicant will receive their issued registration certificate from the CBIU. This certificate is used as proof of citizenship. The applicant or their authorized agent can use this document to apply for a Dominican passport.

What are the benefits of this program?

Having dual citizenship is seen as an advantageous and valuable opportunity in today’s world. Dominica in particular has become very popular for its citizenship by investment program. One of the advantages of holding a second citizenship in Dominica is that it offers full residence to its new citizens. These residents can benefit from the working rights that Dominica offers within the country. Furthermore, dual citizenship allows the new Dominican citizens to have global mobility. It is also noteworthy to mention that taxation requirements in Dominica are very minimal. As a matter of fact, Dominica does not tax its citizens on wealth, gifts, inheritance, foreign income, or capital gains.

Dominica is known as one of the happiest countries one could live in. The island is incredibly peaceful with a great culture and supportive community. Dominica has had a fairly high number of citizens who have lived more than 100 years.

Also known as the “Nature Isle of the Caribbean”, Dominica is stunningly picturesque and beautiful. This tropical island is a colorful paradise with delightful natural blessings. The scenic nature allows for many activities such as hiking, mountain climbing, diving, and snorkeling.

Last and not least, Dominican passport holders have the freedom of choice regarding their global mobility. Dominica has no requirements regarding residence and physical presence inside the country before or after the issuing of the passport.

Means of Investment

Econimic Diversification Fund:

The Dominican government launched the Economic Diversification fund in order to bring in assets that help Dominica thrive in sociopolitical aspects. This government program is one of the means of obtaining citizenship by investment in Dominica. To choose this option, the applicants need to financially contribute to the Economic Diversification Fund.

The Economic Diversification Fund raises money to help develop, support, and improve projects in both the private and the public sectors. Some of the industries that benefit from the EDF are information technology, agriculture, and tourism. The EDF has also helped with projects like renovating hospitals and building new schools and sports stadiums.

The required amount for the financial contribution to the Economic Diversification Fund that grants one Dominican citizenship is US$100,000 for the main applicant. This amount increases depending on the number of dependants and whether they are minors or adults.

Real Estate Investment

The required amount for purchasing real estate in Dominica through the Citizenship by Investment program is at least US$220,000. If the main applicant has dependants, additional government fees will apply and the amount will increase for adding each dependant.

Tranquility Beach Resort – Curio – A Collection by Hilton

The Tranquility Beach Resort is an authorized Dominica Citizenship by Investment project. Located on the heavenly island of Dominica, the Tranquility Beach Resort is a first-class resort with prestigiously designed villas and suites. The stunningly beautiful resort is a gated community and is very exclusive. It provides its residents with two secluded beaches, a beach club, fine restaurants, a world-class spa, a wellness center, a gym, and so much more.

The Dominica Citizenship by Investment program offers interested parties the opportunity to purchase undivided shares of the Tranquility Beach Resort. This investment can qualify you and your family for Dominican citizenship and you will enjoy the same benefits that the other investment options offer.